What questions do you have?
Wissahickon School District
How do you add images or video clips?

Can 2 people edit same page at same time from 2 different computers? Not same page but different pages...took a long time to load changes. Is it worth it?
How can you add designs and pictures?

How can you create your own images/titles (logo)?
How can you change the font of the title?

Here's a link to get cool letters or logos for titles...check it out!

Blue Jay.jpg
Can you animate images? If so, how? Look for GIF images, skip trying to create your own....do a google or bing search for animated images of your particular object (ex. animated fish).
How can you change the background of your wiki to a patterned background (other than what is offered)?
Can’t change the background of wiki pages – they will always be white, but can change the theme and things through settings-Look and feel.

How can you link a website to your page?